Professional Car Window Tinting in Dublin

Welcome to Tint Master, Where people take pride in supplying premium excellent window tinting service covering West Dublin region. We specialize in not just employing window film. All of these are designed to supply you with a greater driving experience around city and across the Dublin.
Our professionals are friendly, experienced and fully insured to make sure your automobile looks its best when it is returned to you. We provide a range of colors and will aid you with the choice!

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Make the most of the specialist window tinting service in which we’ll help you pick the ideal colour of window film for your vehicle. This will prevent the UV rays from entering your vehicle to help keep you healthier and guard your vehicle’s interior from fading. Tint Master can guarantee it looks amazing and will be cost effective as well!

I need Tint, Now What’s Next

Window tint is among the principles of having a vehicle. It is available in an assortment of brands, warranties and colours.

There are lots of brands of window colour to select from. SolarGard®, Lumar®, Johnsons® and 3M® would be the excellent brands. There are several less famous, excellent brands also. What makes those brands stand out is that their worth adding promises.

What Color? Tint is generally rounded to the nearest portion for effortless memory and communication. Frequent options are: 50 percent, 35 percent, 20 5 and \% \%. Tint percentage denotes the quantity of recessed lighting. 50\% mixture would enable 50 percent of recessed lighting through the interior of your vehicle. Likewise, 5 percent would just allow 5 percent of sunlight light to move through.

Different mixture brands, illumination, shade of exterior and interior will influence the result of your tint job. The lighter your inside, the more heavy the stabilizer will appear on the car or truck. Should you park your automobile with windshield facing the sunlight, more light may enter the automobile and create the stabilizer look lighter also.

In the Tint Master we utilize only the maximum grade tinting films to guarantee that the finished product are prefect and enjoy factory finish. Each window tints by individuals are covered by a lifetime warranty so that you wo not need to be worried about fading, peeling or splitting!!

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Improvements in Oct Film technology

Auto window tints have been utilized to boost a car’s look and supply increased privacy for your passengers and driver. However, thanks to improvements in tinting-film engineering, contemporary vehicle window tints provide a number of further advantages, such as improved security and additional protection from dangerous UV rays. That is the reason why auto window tints are becoming more and more popular with a large assortment of consumers, from drivers of sports cars and prestige marques, to owners of family saloons and people carriers.

The advantages of automobile window tinting:

Keeps your auto inside trendy
Provides better privacy and safety
Protects motorist and passengers from dangerous UV rays
Improves your auto’s look
Expand glare
Protects the interior from fading and sun damage

Tint Master’s innovative application methods and controlled-environment workshop allow us to produce a finish that’s much superior to anything attained having a DIY tinting kit or even a phone tinting support.

Our tinting films comply with the requirements set from the VOSA Legal Statement which specifies that the minimal heights of lighting that has to pass through the windscreen and front side windows.

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